Patchcables with built in Bi-color LED for Eurorack

€29,90 €24,90

Durable, high quality patchcables with built in LEDs, illuminates green with positive polarity and red with negative polarity, designed for modular and semi-modular synthesizers, (12v) eurorack modules.


5pcs. pack - with transparent jack and black or transparent cable, 50cm., perfect for LFO, CV controlling,... Eurorack modules and Synthesizers


  • red, green or red, blue polarized bi-color LEDs on both sides
  • 3.5 mm mono jack connector
  • minimal measurable interferences,  shielded cables
  • voltage drop by led power consumption
  • built in: 560„Ω / 3,15V Led

preorder, the blue-red version will be shipped from 1st of oct.