Behringer BCR32, Comeback Of The BCR2000, Sequencer!

by Bojan Gadzaj on Jan 10, 2021

Behringer BCR32, Comeback Of The BCR2000, Sequencer! | Producer Tools
Behringer is working with the developer of the Zaquencer software on a new version of the BCR2000 MIDI controller BCR32 with 32 knobs and a built-in sequencer at $149.


Behringer and its products are often discussed loudly and emotionally on social media. However, there is one product that is also accepted by the biggest clone critics, the BCR 2000. A MIDI controller that was loved by many because of its large feature set, good quality, and low price.

The controller was so popular that even an independent developer (ZAQ Audio) published an alternative firmware for it, which turns the BCR 2000 into a powerful MIDI sequencer. Also known as Zaquencer. Today, they announced that they are bringing the BCR2000 MIDI controller back onto the market. They will call it BCR32, will offer a completely new design and have many new features


Behringer BCR32

Behringer will not clone its BCR2000, but will completely revise it. Not just outside but inside too. For this project, they partner up with Christian Stöcklmeier, developer of the Zaquencer software. According to B., it will again be a MIDI controller with 32 knobs but also with a built-in sequencer. Probably one with 4 tracks, as the device not only has classic USB and MIDI but also 4 CV & gate outputs plus sync in/out. Very interesting in my opinion.


This is not the final design. According to B., these are the first render of a possible design. They wrote on Facebook:


We’re very excited to announce that we’ve entered into a collaboration with Zaquencer to bring back the highly sought after BCR2000 – however this time with the famous Zaquencer built-in. This is a draft only but we’re excited to start the development after we’ve received your feedback. We’re confident that we can offer the new BCR32 for US149. What do you think?

Behringer BCR32 Features

  • USB/MIDI Controller/Sequencer with 32 Multi-Purpose Encoders and Polyphonic 32-Step / 4-Track Zaquencer
  • Universal USB/MIDI controller for triggering audio clips, MIDI events or any MIDI equipment
  • Highly-acclaimed Zaquencer from ZAQ Audio for unmatched sequencer performance
  • Compatible with popular DAWs or other music production software
  • 32 multi-purpose encoders for custom assignment of parameters
  • 4 virtual groups and 8 dual-mode encoders with push function
  • 20 programmable buttons, assignable as note on/off, control and program change, MMC and system exclusive data
  • All panel elements are freely assignable, manually or via user-friendly learn mode
  • 32-step, 4-track Zaquencer featuring mono/polyphonic drum and note tracks
  • Storage of all global parameters and up to 192 patterns, each consisting of 4 tracks
  • 2 independent MIDI controls per track (program change, aftertouch, pitch bend, CCs)
  • 4 CV/Gate and Sync connectors for controlling synthesizers, drum machines and other equipment
  • 2 assignable footswitch connectors for handsfree control
  • Multi-function OLED display for easy control of all parameters
  • High visibility multi-color LED feedback to show status of all controls
  • 1 MIDI input and 2 MIDI output connectors to serve as additional USB to MIDI interface
  • MIDI input with merge function for cascading several control units
  • USB powered compact design for ultimate portability
  • Compatible with Apple iPad* via USB Camera Adapter (not included)
  • Class-compliant MIDI/USB protocol for “plug and play” operation
  • 3-year extended warranty upon registration
It’s nice to hear that Behringer is now working on a successor to its popular MIDI controller. Plus in collaboration with the developer of the Zaquencer software. They target a price of $149. For this, it will be a bestseller, I’m sure. Controllers with so many knobs plus a sequencer at this price are currently not available on the market. Looking forward to seeing the final product.


More information here: Behringer 


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