EURORACK, Instruō Intros lìon, MATRIX, Mixer -

The Instruō lìon is a 6×6 matrix mixer with a pin style interface similar to those found on iconic modular synthesizers of the 1970s. Its applications range from signal routing and effect insert functionality to true summing with cascaded attenuation capabilities. Instruō lìon offers a horde of different uses. How the module is used in your setup bank on how you have cobble the matrix. The relation between signals is not made with classic Eurorack cables but with TRS cables that can be plugged in the TRS sockets of the module. For this, Instruō delivers the module with 10 “pin cables” and...

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Beast Tek, Double Dragon, EURORACK, Mutagen, Pathogen -

Double Dragon Double Dragon is a dual complex LFO that packs a fatal punch! The second LFO can be twisted, warped, destroyed and modulated by the first LFO using one of seven different algorithms to produce modulations more wild than a spinning round house kick to the face! The amount of algorithm based modulation can be blended from zero all the way to full depth using the MOD control and CV input. Each algorithm has a parameter to tweak the modulation, again with full CV control. Configuration jumpers on the back allow each of the two LFOs to be switched...

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