Double Dragon, Mutagen & Pathogen Three New Insane Eurorack Modules From Beast-Tek

by Adrian Cosmin on Sep 28, 2020

Double Dragon, Mutagen & Pathogen Three New Insane Eurorack Modules From Beast-Tek | Producer Tools

Double Dragon

Double Dragon is a dual complex LFO that packs a fatal punch! The second LFO can be twisted, warped, destroyed and modulated by the first LFO using one of seven different algorithms to produce modulations more wild than a spinning round house kick to the face!

The amount of algorithm based modulation can be blended from zero all the way to full depth using the MOD control and CV input. Each algorithm has a parameter to tweak the modulation, again with full CV control.

Configuration jumpers on the back allow each of the two LFOs to be switched from bipolar LFO mode to RAMP mode to generate unipolar ramp signals. From "ramp down" through "triangle" all the way to "ramp up" to control a VCA or modulate using an positive-only envelope. Two additional jumpers allow the RESET input to be repurposed to 1-Shot mode (one complete Wave or Ramp cycle per trigger input) or hang mode (output is held or "paused" while the input is high) providing maximum flexibility.


Mutagen is packed with logic options for adding spice and variety to your drum beats and sequenced gates. Dual probability switches (also known as Bernoulli gates) randomly route a trigger or gate signal to one of two outputs based on the selected probability.

MG - Mutagen Expander

On the back of Mutagen is two configuration jumpers that turn each Probability switch into a clock divider. In clock divider mode, the probability knob selects different clock divisions.

MG brings this clock divider option to the front of the case with switches and RESET input. As an added bonus there is an attenuator thrown in.


Pathogen is comprised of two separate tempo synchronized sections. The first section is a burst generator for trigger signals, with length, "physics" based density and its own clock divider/multiplier. The second section is a four output pattern generator with eight modes:


1. Counter - This mode it's used  to do boring predictable 2/4,3/4, 4/4 stuff OR go wild and spice up sequences, extend notes and clock sequencers in odd but super cool ways.

 2. Divider - You can use this with a logic AND/OR gate to spice up rhythms or sequences or any trigger/gate related function.

3. Arrhythmia - Mathematically (and deliberately) messed up euclidean rhythms - each of the 4 outputs on a cycle that never quite align but still seem to work. There are 32 of them - PARAM selects a patch from 1 to 32. Each of the 32 patterns has an alternate pattern that is activated when a RESET signal is received. A subsequent RESET signal will revert back to the original pattern. The 32nd pattern has a special twist - each time a RESET is received a new rhythmically awkward pattern will be generated. 

4. Basic Drum Patterns - Some times you just need a basic drum pattern to noodle or perform over. Pathogen delivers! 32 x basic patterns, each 16 steps in length. PARAM selects which rhythm and RESET input will do what you would expect (it goes back to the start of the pattern).

The new Beast-Tek modules (Double Dragon, Mutagen & Pathogen) will be available soon.

 More information about this products here.

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