Behringer MonoPoly Synthesizer Is Available For Pre-Order

by Adrian Cosmin on Nov 20, 2020

Behringer MonoPoly Synthesizer Is Available For Pre-Order | Producer Tools

Behringer MonoPoly, an authentic clone of the iconic 4-VCO analog Synthesizer from Korg, is ready for shipping and costs just $699 USD.

Great care has been taken in engineering the MONOPOLY, including the true-to-the-original analog circuitry, 4 VCOs and incredibly flexible key modes for monophonic, duophonic and 4-voice polyphonic playstyles. This highly focused attention to detail is what gives the MONOPOLY its ultra-flexible sound shaping capability and allows you to recreate tones that are evocative of classic electronic music. It gives you the ability to cover a lot of amazing tones from super-fat bass, tasty leads – all the way to full-on dreamy ambience from the far reaches of your imagination.

The MONOPOLY features 37 semi-weighted keys with velocity functionality. Pitch can be raised or lowered using the Bend wheel, while modulation depth is controlled with the MG1 wheel. You can even select what each wheel modifies as well as its intensity in the Wheel section.

When it comes to recreating the classic sounds of an era like the 1980s, with a few modern features, there’s nothing like the Behringer MONOPOLY, portable and so very affordable.

You can pre-oder now the Behringer MonoPoly for only 699 USD.


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